ESDA Symbols to Use

The ESD Association has sponsored three principal awareness symbols to use, these are described in one of the Association standards (S8.1) and can be downloaded from:

[ The figures are black on yellow. ]

  One of these symbols is the ESD susceptibility symbol which is fairly descriptive, a banning slash across a hand, the international label symbol of the triangle meaning caution, the whole symbol should mean be careful, device susceptible to ESD discharges, or there about. The symbol is shown below: This symbol is to be used on or near by ESD sensitive elements like integrated circuits, sensitive components and PBAs.
  Another one is the ESD protection symbol, which has de same hand and triangle with the same meaning but there is no banning slash across. The new item is a protecting arc over the symbol as meaning this a ESD protective material and used on all type of ESD protective materials. It worth to note that a dissipating bag is an ESD protecting material and will carry the symbol but a strap testing instrument is not as it does not protect.
  Finally is the ESD Common Ground Point symbol which is fairly self descriptive. This ESD label for a grounding point receives all localized ESD element ground connections eg top of workstation dissipating mat, auxiliary wrist and foot straps connecting box, floor mat, etc… This point is then connected to the local mains earth (green wire).