Nauru Is


Issued Price US$/face value pic Theme Comments


Sep 11 60c/5c 10c nau110968 Independence


Jan 31 30c/ 15c nau310169 Nauruan Flag


Feb 7 70c/ 25c nau070272 25th Anniv.South Pacific Commission


Jan 31 40c/ 15c nau310173 Fifth Anniv.of Republic
Mar 27 5.6/4x1c 4x2c 4x3c 4x4c 4x5c  nau270373 Scenes - definitives cnr 4/blk
1.4/1c 2c 3c 4c 5c nau270373a
May 23 2.5/2x8c 2x10c 2x15c 2x20c nau230573
Jul 25 2.2/7c 25c 30c 50c nau250773
Dec 10 3.5/ 5c 25c 50c nau101273 50th Anniv.Nauru Cooperative Society


May 21 12/ 7c 10c 15c 25c 35c 50c nau210574 Nauru's First Contact with the Outside world


Sep 29 1.4/ 30c 50c nau290975 "Welcome" to South Pacific Commission Delegates


May 6 1.3/10c 15c 25c 50c nau060576 60th Anniv of first Naruan Stamps
2.8/2x10c 2x15c 2x25c 2x50c nau060576a upper left cnr pairs
Jul 26 1.3/10c 20c 30c 40c nau260776 Annual Meeting of the South Pacific
Nov 17 1.3/2x15c 2x20c nau171176 Christmas se-tenant pairs
2.7/4x20c 4x15c nau171176a se-tenant 4/blk


Oct 24 90c/15c 25c 30c nau241077 Christmas


Jan 31 90c/15c 60c nau310178 10th Anniv. of Independence
May 17 10.6/7c to $5 nau170578 Our Island Home
Jun 6 2c 3c 4c 5c 
Nov 1 1.1/7c 15c 20c 30c nau011178 Christmas


Jan 24 1.2/10c 2x15c 30c nau240179 Flight Anniversaries
Feb 27 1/5c 15c 60c naums270279 Centenary of death of Sir Rowland Hill MS
2.1/5c 15c 60c nau270279
Aug 22 90c/7c 32c 40c nau220879 50th Anniv.C.C.I.R
Oct 3 1.4/8c 15c 25c 32c 50c nau031079 International Year of the Child se-tenant strip
Nov 14 1.1/7c 15c 20c 30c nau141179 Christmas


Feb 28 1.1/15c 20c 25c 30c nau280280 10th Anniv of Air Nauru
May 6 1/8c 32c 60c naums060580 10th Anniv. Phosphate Corp.London MS
1.1/8c 32c 60c nau060580
Dec 3 1/25c 30c 50c nau031280 20th Anniv., UN Decolonisation Declaration
1.3/25c 30c 50c nau031280a
Sep 24 1.1/2x20c 2x30c nau240980 Christmas 2x joined cnr.pairs


Feb 11 1/20c 30c 50c nau110281 30th Anniv.of Local Government Council
May 22 1.5/4x40c naums220581 Fishing - A way of life MS
1.1/8c 20c 32c 40c nau220581
Jul 21 90c/ $1 nau210781 5th Anniv. Bank of Nauru
Oct 24 1.1/15c 20c 25c 30c nau241081 UN Day / E.S.C.A.P.
1.5/15c 20c 25c 30c nau241081a each stamp with a tag label
Nov 14 1.3/2x20c 2x30c nau141181 Christmas
Dec 9 1.2/10c 20c 30c 40c nau091281 10th Anniv. South Pacific Forum


Jun 10 2/2x26c 2x40c nau100682 First Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion se-tenant pairs
Feb 23 1.7/7c 8c 15c 20c 25c 40c nau230282 Anniv. of Scouting - STAMPEX
Oct 21 1.2/20c 50c $1 nau211082 Royal Visit
Nov 17 1.3/20c 30c 40c 50c nau171182 Christmas


Mar 23 1.4/15c 20c 30c 50c nau230383 15th Anniv. of Independence
May 11 1.4/5c 10c 20c 25c 40c nau110583 World Communications Year
Sep 14 1.2/15c 20c 30c 40c nau140983 Angam Day
Nov 16 1/5c 15c 50c nau161183 Christmas


May 23 1.2/20c 25c 30c 40c nau230584 250th Anniv. of Lloyds List


Jul 31 1.6/ 20c 25c 30c 50c nau310785 15th Anniv.of Phosphate
Jul 21 1.5/20c 25c 30c 40c nau210786 10th Anniv. Bank of Nauru
Sep 30 2/20c 25c 30c 40c  nau300986 Flowers


Jul 31 2.1/25c 30c 45c 60c nau310787 Nauruan Artifacts
Oct 9 1.1/40c nau091087 World Post Day
2/ $1 naums091087 MS
Nov 5 60c/40c nau051187 Centennial Congregational Church
Nov 27 1.5/20c $1 nau271187 Christmas


Jul 14 1.6/30c 50c 70c nau140788 80th Anniv. of Nauru Post Office
Aug 1 2.6/25c 40c 55c 80c nau010888 String Figures
Oct 1 1.4/$1 nau011088 100 Years of Membership of UPU


Dec 22 10/25c 30c 50c $1 nau221289 The Legend of Eigigu


Dec 24 2.6/25c 30c 50c $1 nau241290 The Legend of Eoiyepiang


Dec 12 3.4/$2 naums121291 Christmas MS


Jan 18 1.1/$1 nau180193 25th Anniv. of Independence


Feb 10 2.2/2x$1 naums100294 Child's Best Friend MS