Australian Decimals To 1990

[  stamps are MNH, unless specified otherwise ]

Issued Price US$/face value pic Theme Comments
Feb 14 2.5/7c 8c 9c 10c sa140266 Fish - first decimals
17/40c 50c 75c $1 $2 $4 sa140266a Navigators - first decimals
16/5c 6c 13c 15c 20c 24c 25c 30c sa140266b Birds - first decimals
2.2/1c 2c 3c 4c 5c 6c 7c sa140266c QE II
1.1/ 3c 4c 5c sa140266d coil issues, 3c bit tonned upper left cnr
Jul 6 4/16x4c sa060766 75th Anniv of the Royal Life Saving Society sheet blk
Oct 24 10c/4c sa241066 Dick Hartog landing on WA
Mar 7 5/20x4d sa070367 150th Anniv of the British and Foreign Bible Society sheet Blk
Oct 18 2.6/2x5c 2x25c sa181067 Christmas 5c vert pair 25c horiz pair
Mar 20 6/4x5c 4x20c sa200368 World Weather Watch 2x 4/blk
Mar 20 1.3/25c sa200368a Satellite Comms
Mar 20 1.6/5c 20c sa200368b World Weather Watch
Mar 20 30c/5c sa200368c Satellite
Jul 10 6/6c 13c 15c 20c 25c 30c sa100768 Australian States' Floral Emblem Whole set of 6
Jul 10 3.5/25c 30c sa100768a Australian States' Floral Emblem 
Jul 10 6.3/4x20c sa100768b  4/blk - desert pea
Jul 10 3.2/4x30c sa100768c cnr 4/blk - waratah
Aug 6 2/2x5c sa060868 Soil Science Congress and Medical Conference Folded gutter pair
Aug 6 50c/2x5c sa060868a
Oct 2 1.5/5c 25c sa021068 Mexico Olympic Games 5c MH
Oct 23 30c/5c sa231068 Bethlehem Scene Christmas
Oct 16 30c/5c sa161068 Triennial Congress IUBS
Nov 6 3.5/4x5c sa061168 Famous Australians 2xMH with tag labels
Nov 6 3/4x5c sa061168a Famous Australians no labels
Nov 27 30c/5c sa271168 Macquarie Tower
Feb 5 30c/5c sa050269 First Permanent Settlement in the NT
Feb 26 30c/5c sa260269 Ports and Harbours
Jun 4 30c/5c sa040669 Anniv Labour Organisation
Sep 17 6/7c 15c 20c 25c sa170969 Australian Primary Industries
Sep 17 20/25x7c sa170969a part sheet Blk - Sugar
Sep 17 32/5x7c 5x15c 5x20c 5x25c sa170969b sheet side strips
Oct 15 6/4x5c 4x25c sa151069 Christmas  2x 4/blk
Oct 15 80c/5c 25c sa151069a Christmas
Oct 15 1.3/2x5c 2x25c sa151069b Christmas pairs
Oct 22 2/ 4x5c sa221069 Prime Ministers
Nov 12 2.3/3x5c sa121169 England-Australia Flight strip
Feb 11 30c/5c sa110270 Standard Gauge Railway Bri-Perth
Mar 16 80c/5c 20c sa160370 Expo 70 Osaka Japan
Mar 31 4.2/4x30c sa310370 Royal Visit 4/blk
Mar 31 1.1/4x5c sa310370a 4/blk
Mar 31 1.3/5c 30c sa310370b Royal Visit
Apr 13 30c/5c sa130470 11th Grasslands Congress
Apr 20 2.6/5x5c 30c sa200470 Captain Cook Bi-Centenary
Apr 20 2/5x5c 30c sa200470a Captain Cook Bi-Centenary strip MH, 30c MNH
Apr 20 5.8/5x5c 30c sams200470 Captain Cook Bi-Centenary imperforated MS
Apr 27 50c/4c 5c sa270470 Native Flowers Coil stamps
Aug 31 1.9/7c 8c 9c 10c sa310870 National Development
Oct 2 30c/6c sa021070 Parliamentary Association Conference, Canberra
Oct 7 30c/6c sa071070 International Dairy Congress
Oct 14 30c/6c sa141070 Christmas
Oct 19 30c/6c sa191070 UN
Sep 28 70c/6c sa280970 Native Flower coil stamp
Nov 2 1/6c 30c sa021170 Qantas
Nov 16 3.1/4x6c sa161170 Famous Australians
Jan 6 2/7c 15c 20c sa060171 28th International Congress of Orientalists
Apr 18 30c/7c sa180472 CWA
Aug 2 1.1/ 12c 18c 24c sa020872 Rehabilitation of the Disabled
Aug 22 30c/7c sa220872 Overland Telegraph Line
Aug 28 3/3x7c 35c sa280872 Munich Olympic Games
Oct 16 30c/7c sa161072 Accountants - circuit
Nov 15 3.5/ 5c 10c 15c 40c 50c 60c 80c sa151172 Pioneer Life in Australia
Mar 7 1.5/4x7c sa070373 Metric Conversion
May 16 6/4x7c sa160573 Famous Australians (Third Issue) 4/blk se-tenant
Apr 4 30c/7c sa040473 WHO
Jul 11 2/1c 2c 3c 4c 6c 7c 8c 9c  sa110773 Marine Life and Gemstones Definitives
Oct 16 '74 9c on 8c 10c
Oct 3 2/7c 30c  sa031073 Christmas
Oct 17 1.7/10c 40c 50c sa171073 Architecture Series
Oct 17 20c/7c sa171073a
Sep 5 30c/7c sa050973 50th Anniv of Legacy
Feb 13 1.5/20c 25c 30c 75c sa130274 Australian Animals - Definitives
Apr 24 5.2/$1 $2 $4 sa240474 Australian Paintings (definitives)
May 15 30c/7c sa150574 Proclamation of the Charter of Justice 
Jul 24 11/42x7c sa240774 Non-Olympic Sports 7x 6stamps blocks
Jul 24 1.8/7x7c sa240774a
Oct 9 30c/7c sa091074 150th Anniv Independent Newspapers
Oct 9 1/7c 30c sa091074a Universal Postal Union
Nov 13 70c/10c 35c sa131174 Christmas
Nov 20 1.3/5c 11c 15c 60c sa201174 Education (definitives)
Jan 15 30c/10c sa150175 Coils stamp desert pea
Jan 29 1/3x10c sa290175 Environment Dangers No water mark  SG588
Mar 12 30c/10c sa120375 International Women's year  SG589
Mar 26 1.5/6x10c sa260375 Prime Ministers SG590-595
May 14 1.50/11c 24c 33c 48c sa140575 Scientific Development  SG596-599
Jul 1 90c/2x10c sa010775 Formation of Postal and Telecommunications  Commissions  SG600a gutter pair
Aug 6 1.50/6x10c sa060875 Famous Women  SG602 603 604a 605 606 607
Aug 6 5.7/20x10c sa060875a 16x10c strip 4x10c strip Edith Cowan 1861-1932
Aug 6 6/20x10c sa060875b 20x10c strip Henry Handel Richardson 1870-1946
Aug 6  6/20x10c sa060875c 20x10c strip Constance Stone 1856-1902
Aug 6 6/20x10c sa060875d 20x10c strip Truganini 1812-1876
Aug 6 6/20x10c sa060875e 20x10c strip Louisa Lawson 1848-1920
Aug 6 6/20x10c sa060875f 20x10c strip Katherine Spence 1825-1910
Aug 27 80c/18c 45c sa270875 Wildflowers SG608 609
Sep 16 1/18c 25c sa060975 Papua New Guinea's Independence SG610 611
Oct 29 90c/15c 45c sa291075 Christmas 1975 SG612 613
Jan 5 60c/2x18c sa050176 Nationhood Coat of Arms SG614 Die I  left on pic
SG614c Die II right on pic
Jan 5 1.70/4x18c sa050176a Die II
Mar 10 30c/18c sa100376 Centenary of the Telephone SG615
Mar 10 1/4x18c sa100376a
Jun 9 1.60/18c sa090676 Australian Explorers SG616-621
Jun 15 30c/18c sa150676 C.S.I.R.O.  SG622
Jun 15 1/4x18c sa150676a 4/blk
Jul 14 1.30/4x18c sa140776 Montreal Olympic Games SG623-626
Aug 25 2.50/5c 25c 35c 50c 70c 85c sa250876 Australian Scenes SG627-632
Sep 27 1.3/18c 4x18c sa270976 Stamp Day
Sep 27 1/4x18c sa270976a stamps off a MS
Sep 27 80c/18c sams270976 MS
Nov 1 1.10/15c 45c sa011176 Christmas 1976 SG635 636
Nov 10 1.1/4x18c sa101176 Famous Australians SG637-640
Jan 19 1.3/20c 30c 40c 60c sa190177 Performing Arts
Jan 19 2.9/2x20c 2x30c 2x40c 2x60c sa190177a 4X pairs
Feb 2 70c/18c 45c sa020277 Silver Jubilee QE II
Mar 9 1.9/5x18c 45c sa090377 Aus-Eng Test Cricket Centenary
Apr 13 1/4x18c sa130477 Opening of Parliament Hse. 4/blk
Apr 13 30c/18c sa130477a Opening of Parliament House
May 9 1/4x18c sa090577 50th Anniv, foundation ACTU  4/blk
May 9 30c/18c sa090577a ACTU
Oct 31 70c/15c 45c sa311077 Christmas
Jan 26 30c/18c sa260178 Australia Day SG657
Jan 26 1/4x18c sa260178a 4/blk
Apr 19 1.9/4x18c 4x18c MS sa190478 Australian Aviators SG658-662
Apr 19 10.4/40x18c sa190478a 4x10 strips
May 15 0.30/18c sa150578 50th Anniv Royal Flying Doctor Service  SG663
May 15 1/4x18c sa150578a 4/blk
Jun 1 1.30/18c 25c 40c 45c  sa010678  Australian Trees  SG664-667
Jun 1 4/4x18c 4x25c 4x40c 4x45c sa010678a 4x4 blks
Jun 19 30c/18c sa190678 Establishment of the Northern Territory SG668
Jun 19 1/4x18c sa190678a 4/blk
Jul 3 1.6/20c 55c sa030778 Australian Birds definitives
Jul 17 5c 25c 30c
Sep 25 5/20x20c sa250978 National Stamp Week  4x5 sheet piece
Sep 25 1/20c sa250978a
4x20c sams250978 MS
Jul 3 1.6/20c 55c sa030778 Australian Birds - definitives
Jul 17 5c 25c 30c
Oct 18 1.8/20c 35c 50c 55c sa181078 Horse Racing
Oct 3 1.2/25c sa031078 Christmas
Nov 1 15c 55c
Jan 26 2.8/10x20c sa260179 Australia Day 5xvert gutter pairs
Feb 14 1.8/20c 35c 50c 55c sa140279 Ferries and Steamers
Feb 14 7/4x20c 4x35c 4x50c 4x55c sa140279a 4/blk
Mar 14 3/$5 sa140379 McMahon's Point
Apr 9 2.4/ 5x20c 2x20c sa090479 National Parks se-tenant strip of 5 and gutter pair
May 16 1.8/20c 35c 50c 55c sa160579 Steam Locomotives
Sep 17 2.1/1c 2c 15c 20c 40c 50c sa170979 Australian Birds definitives
Oct 24 1.5/20c 35c 50c 55c sa241079 Fishing in Australia
Sep 24 1.3/25c sa240979 Christmas
Nov 1 15c 55c
Jan 23 30c/20c sa230180 Australia Day
Feb 20 1.7/20c 25c 35c 50c 55c  sa200280 Dogs of Australia
Apr 21 2/10x22c sa210480 Birthday of Queen Elizabeth II gutter strip
Apr 21 30c/22c sa210480a Birthday QE II
May 7 2/5x22c sa070580 Australian Folklore se-tenant strip
May 19 3/10x22c sa190580 Opening of the High Court Building - Canberra 5xgutter pairs
May 19 30c/22c sa190580a
Jul 1 3/10c 35c 45c 80c $1 sa010780 Australian Birds definitives
Aug 11 1.1/4x22c sa110880 Community Welfare
Aug 11 4.2/16x22c sa110880a 4x blk/4
Sep 29 1.1/5x22c sa290980 National Stamp Week se-tenant strip
Sep 29 90c/3x22c sams290980 MS
Oct 1 1/15c 28c 60c sa011080 Christmas
Nov 3
Nov 17 30c/18c sa171180 Australian Birds definitives
Nov 19 1.5/22c 40c 45c 60c sa191180 Australian Aircraft
Jan 21 30c/22c sa210181 Australia Day
Feb 18 1.5/22c 35c 55c 60c sa180281 Sporting Personalities
Mar 25 80c/22c 60c sa250381 50th Anniv.First Official Air Mail Australia/UK
Apr 6 30c/22c sa060481 50th Anniv. APEX
Apr 21 30c/22c sa210481 Birthday of QE II
May 20 1.1/4x22c sa200581 Gold Rush Era
Jun 17 1.7/$2 sa170681 Australian Painting - definitive
Jul 1 2.4/24c sa010781 Australian Animal - definitives
Jul 15 5c 25c 30c 50c 55c
Aug 19 1.7/24c 35c 55c 60c sa190881 Fungi
Jul 29 3/4x24c 4x60c sa290781 Royal Wedding 2x 4/blk
Jul 29 80c/24c 60c sa290781a
Jul 29 3.5/4x24c 4x60c sa290781b 2x 4/gutter blk
Sep 16 30c/24c sa160981 International Year of Disabled Persons
Sep 28 1.1/30c sa280981 Christmas
Nov 2 18c 60c
Sep 30 3.2/4x24c 4x60c sa300981 CHOGM  2x 4/upper-left cnr blks
80c/24c 60c sa300981a
Oct 14 1.7/24c 35c 55c 60c sa141081 Yachting
Jun 16 50c/2x27c sa160682 50th Anniv of the ABC
Aug 4 8.40/7x4x27c sa040882 Historic Post Offices gutter blocks/4
2/ 7x27c sa040882a
Sep 15 1.3/ 35c sa150982 Christmas
Nov 1 21c 75c
Sep 22 1.5/3x27c 75c sa220982 XII Commonwealth Games - Brisbane
Nov 17 2.1/ 2x1c 2x2c 3c 10c 3x27c sa171182 Eucalyptus - issued for vending machines $1 pane
1.9/ 27c 40c 65c 75c sa171182a Aboriginal Culture in Music and Dance
Jan 12 1.8/27c 40c 65c 75c  sa120183 Historic Fire Engines
Jan 26 60c/2x27c sa260183 Australia Day se-tenant pair
Feb 2 2.4/1c 70c 85c 95c sa020283 Australian Animals Series II - definitives
30c/27c sa020283a ANZCER
May 9 1.5/3x27c 75c sa090583 Commonwealth Day
Apr 20 30c/27c sa200483 The Queen's Birthday
May 18 30c/27c sa180583 World Communications Year
Jun 8 30c/27c sa080683 St John's Ambulance
30c/27c sa080683a 50th Anniv of Jaycees
Jan 15 3.8/4c 10c 20c 27c 35c 45c 60c 80c $1  sa150183 Australian Animals - Butterflies, definitives
Aug 3 1.4/5x27c sa030883 Australian Folklore Series II "The sentimental bloke" se-tenant strip
Sep 14 1.3/24c 35c 85c sa140983 Christmas
Sep 26 1.1/4x30c sa260983 Explorers of Australia
Jan 26 30c/30c sa260184 Australia Day
Feb 22 1.3/2x45c sa220184 First Air Mail Australia/New Zealand se-tenant pair
Mar 14 1.7/5x30c sa140384 Veteran and Vintage Cars vertical se-tenant strip
Apr 4 65/25x$5 sa040484 Australian Painting  "Holiday at Mentone" half sheet each marked SPECIMEN
3/$5 sa040484a marked SPECIMEN
3/$5 sa040484b
Apr 18 30c/30c sa180484 Queen's Birthday
May 23 2.3/30c 45c 75c 85c sa230584 Clipper Ships
Jun 6 1.1/4x30c sa060684 Skiing in Australia
Jun 18 2.7/2c 25c 30c 50c 55c 85c sa180684 Marine Life - definitives
Jul 25 1/3x30c sa250784 Olympic Games, Los Angeles USA
Aug 22 30c/30c sa220884 Red Kangaroo and Map AUSIPEX
2.8/7x30c sams220884 MS
Sep 17 2.1/40c  sa170984 Christmas
Oct 31 24c 30c 50c 85c
Nov 7 4.3/7x30c 85c sa071184 Bicentennial Symbol and Aboriginal Rock Art
Nov 19 70c/2x30c sa191184 150th Anniv. of Victoria se-tenant pair
Apr 10 2.8/3x33c 90c sams100485 Terra Australis - Navigators MS
May 15 2.3/33c 50c 80c 90c sa150585 Conservation
Jul 17 1.5/5x33c sa170785 Children's Books strip
Sep 18 2.8/ 45c sa180985 Christmas
Nov 1 27c 33c 55c 90c
Oct 2 3.6/33c 50c 90c $1 sa021085 Coastal Shipwrecks
Jan 24 30c/33c sa240186 Australia Day
1/33c 80c sa240186a AUSSAT
Feb 12 70c/2x33c sa120286 150th Anniv. of South Australia se-tenanr pair
Mar 12 6.3/2x33c 50c 80c 2x90c sa120386 Australian Bicentennial - New Holland
Apr 9 30c/33c sa090486 Return of Halley's Comet
Apr 21 30c/33c sa210486 60th Birthday of QE II
May 21 3.5/33c 80c 90c $1 sa210586 Horses
Jun 11 4.3/3c 10c 45c 60c 65c 70c $1 sa110686 Venomous Marine Life
Jul 21 1.8/5x33c sa210786 Click go the Shears
Aug 6 3.1/3x33c $1 sa060886 Bicentennial V - The Decision to Settle
Aug 13 2.2/5x36c sa130886 Wildlife I - definitives se-tenant strip
Aug 25 2.7/3c 5c 25c 36c sa250886 Alpine Wildflowers - Vending Machine stamps
Sep 18 7.4/2x36c 2x55c 2x90c 2x$1 sa180986 Native Orchids all gutter pairs
3.5/36c 55c 90c $1 sa180986a
Sep 26 1.3/3x36c sa260986 America's Cup Triumph
Oct 22 40c/36c sa221086 International Year of Peace
Nov 3 1.5/30c 36c 60c sa031186 Christmas
1.7/5x30c sams031186 MS
Jan 23 80c/2x36c sa230187 Australia Day
Jan 28 3.2/36c 55c 90c $1 sa280187 America's Cup Defence
Feb 11 3.4/36c 65c 90c $1 sa110287 Fruit in Australia
Apr 10 6.5/2x36c 2x65c 2x90c 2x$1 sa100487 Agricultural Shows all gutter pairs
3.3/36c 65c 90c $1 sa100487a
Apr 21 40c/36c sa210487 Queen's Birthday
May 13 2.5/5x36c sa130587 Departure of the First Fleet se-tenant strip
Jun 3 2.5/$1 2x36c sa030687 First Fleet at Teneriffe
Jun 24 2.2/5x36c sa240687 The man from the Snowy River se-tenant strip
Jul 1 2.2/5x37c sa010787 Australian Wildlife II - definitives se-tenant strip
Aug 6 2.2/5x37c sa060887 First Fleet at Rio de Janeiro se-tenant strip
Aug 19 2.9/37c 53c 63c 68c sa190887 Achievements in Technology
Sep 16 3.3/37c 55c 90c $1 sa160987 Aussie Kids
Oct 13 2/$1 2x37c sa131087 First Fleet at Cape of Good Hope
6/3c 15c 37c 37c 37c sa131087a Aboriginal Crafts - vending machine
Nov 2 3.4/5x30c 37c 63c sa021187 Christmas Family scenes
Jan 26 1/ 37c US22c sa260188 Joint Bicentennial Issue with USA
4/ 4x37c 4xUS22c  sa260188b 2x blk/4
2.2/5x37c sa260188a The First Fleet Arrival - Australia Day se-tenant strip
Feb 17 13.6/ 4c 10c 15c 20c 25c  37c  45c 50c 53c   70c  80c 90c  $1  sa170288 Living Together Part 1
Mar 16 1c 2c 3c  5c 30c 40c 55c 60c 63c 65c 68c 75c 95c Part 2
Apr 13 2.2/5x37c sa130488 The Early Years se-tenant strip
Apr 21 40c/37c sa210488 Birthday of QE II
Apr 29 40c/37c sa290488 Expo' 88
May 9 40c/37c sa090588 Opening of Parliament House - Canberra
Jun 21 5/2x37c 2x$1 2x18p 2x34p sa210688 Joint Bicentennial Issue with UK 4x se-tenant pairs
3/ 4x40c 4x37c sa210688a Joint Bicentennial Issue with NZ 2x blk/4
Aug 1 2.8/37c 55c 90c $1 sa010888 Art of the Desert
Sep 14 2/37c 65c $1 sa140988 Olympic Games, Seoul
Sep 19 40c/37c sa190988 34th Parliamentary Conference
Sep 28 40c/ 39c sa280988 Living Together Part 3
5.5/2c 5c 39c sa280988a Australia Crafts (Vending Machine)
Oct 17 2.5/39c 55c 65c 70c sa171088 Panorama of Australia
Oct 31 1.4/32c 39c 63c sa311088 Christmas
Feb 13 5/ 1c 2c 3c 39c 55c 70c $1.1 sa130289 Sports Series I (definitives)
Feb 27 3.3/2x39c 85c $1 sa270289 Sheep in Australia
Mar 19 1.4/ 3x45c sams190389 Navigators of Australia MS imperforated
Apr 12 8.2/$10 sa120489 Gardens - Adelaide Botanic Garden
Jul 12 4/ 39c 85c $1 $1.1 sa120789 Stage and Screen
Aug 23 2.2/6x41c sa230889 Sports series II 6xblock
60c/41c sa230889a self adhesive
60c/ 41c sa230889b
1.6/ 4x41c sa230889c Australian Impressionists
Sep 13 5.7/$2 $5 sa130989 Gardens - definitive
Oct 11 2.1/5x41c sa111089 Australian Historic Trams
Nov 1 1.8/ 36c 41c 80c sa011189 Christmas
Jan 17 60/41c sa170190 Australia Day 
3.6/5c 10c 20c 65c $1 sa170190a Sports Series II - definitives
Feb 7 60c/41c sa070290a Centenary of Women in Medical Practice
90c/41c sa070290 Thinking of You
Sep 3 43c
Feb 21 3.7/41c 65c 70c 80c sa210290 Animals of the High Country
Mar 14 2.2/4x41c sa140390 Community Health
Apr 12 4.4/2x41c 65c $1 $1.1 sa120490 The ANZAC Tradition
Apr 19 60c/41c sa190490 Queen's Birthday
May 1 2.8/6x41c sa010590 150th Anniv of first postage stamp se-tenant block of 6
3.3/6x41c sams010590 MS
May 16 2.2/4x41c sa160590 Gold Fever
Jun 13 2.2/41c $1.1 sams130190 Scientific Cooperation in Antarctica Australia / Russia joint issue MS
Jul 12 2.2/5x41c sa120790 Boomtime
Aug 15 15/ $20 sa150890 Garden Painting
Aug 27 2.3/2x43c $1.2 sa270890 Sports Series II
Sep 3 1.7/28c 43c  sa030990 Heidelberg and Heritage - Vending Machine
Oct 31 60c/43c sa311090 150 Years of Local Government
2.2/38c 43c 80c sa311090a Christmas  


Antarctic Territory

Issued Price US$/face value pic Theme Comments

SG: Stanley Gibbons

Sep 28 25/1c 2c 4c 7c 10c 15c 20c 25c 50c $1 at280966 Anniv 1911 Antarctic Expeditions
Sep 25 2/4x5c at250968 Anniv 1911 Antarctic Expeditions Blk/4
Sep 13 2.50/7c 35c at130972 200th Anniv Circumnavigation of Antarctic by Cook
Aug 15 6.2/ 1c 5c 7c 8c 9c 10c 20c 25c 30c 35c 50c $1 at150873 Antarctic Food Chains and Explorers' Aircraft
Sep 9 2.7/2c 10c 15c 40c 45c 50c at090981 Antarctic Ships - definitives
Apr 6 2/5x27c at060483 Regional Wildlife se-tenant strip
Sep 7 40c/27c at070983 12th Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting, Canberra
Jan 16 1.2/30c 85c at160184 75th Anniv Expedition to the South Magnetic Pole
Jul 18 2.3/5c 25c 30c 75c 85c at180784 Antarctic Scenes I
Aug 7 2.9/15c 33c 45c 90c $1 at070885 Antarctic Scenes - definitives
Sep 17 80c/36c at170986 25th Anniv Antarctic Treaty
Mar 11 1.6/2c 10c 20c 36c 60c at110387 Antarctic Scenes III - definitives
July 20 3.8/5x37c at200788 Environment, Conservation and Technology