Australian pre-Decimals


Issued Price US$/face value pic Theme Comments

SG: Stanley Gibbons

1889-1912 10/2d 0.5d 3d 2x1s 1s 3d 6d 6d 1d saoldtassie Tasmania  U Some are good others fair.
Nov 21 4/4x0.5d sa211128 King George V Small Multiple water marks. 4/Blk bottom. Small aging coloration spots at back of one stamp (normal for age).
Nov 21 1/0.5d sa211128a A bit centre shifted. One blunt tooth. Small Multiple water marks.
1914-1937 10/from half penny to 1 shilling an 4 pence sa191437 King George V 21 stamps. FU. some shows evidence of slight hinging. Majority Second Wt.Mrk, a few Multiple water marks
Jun 2 7/4x3d sa020630 Centenary of Sturt's Exploration Block of 4  Plate 1
Jun 2 2/4x1.5d sa020630a Block of 4  Plate 7
Mar 14 3/2d sa140332 Sydney Bridge issue slightly pink stained at the back, cracked gum normal for age. "OS", Official Service over printed.
Nov 1  28/2d 2d 3d 9d sa011134 Centenary of death of John Macarthur MH mint previously lightly hinged on gum. "White and Black Hill"
May 2 2/2d 3d sa020535 Silver Jubilee King George V the 2d carmin slightly hinged
Apr 1 2.5/2d 3d sa010436 Opening of Tasmanian Cable
Aug 3 12/2d 3d 1s sa030836 Centenary of South Australia Mint previously lightly hinged on gum
Aug 2 4/4x6d sa020837 Kookaburra Corner Block of 4. One mint previously lightly hinged 
Jul 15 2/1d 2d 3d sa150740 Australian Imperial Forces Missing cnr tooth on 3d
Dec 10 4/16x3.5d sa101241 Wartime Surcharges blk/16
Dec 10 30c/3.5d sa101241a
Jan 7 20c/2.5d sa070142 KG VI
Jan 7 2/4x2.5d sa070142a  Cnr.blk/4  Imprint Authority
Jan 7 50c/2x2.5d sa070142b cnr pair Imprint Authority
Jan 28 1/ 1/2d sa280142 Kangaroo SG164 
Mar 00 1/3.5d sa000342 King George VI
June - 2/4x6d sa--0642 Kookaburra cnr 4/blk Imprint Authority
Dec 1 50c/2x1.5d sa011242 Elizabeth cnr pair
Dec 1 30c/1.5d sa011242a
Jan 2 50c/2x1d sa020143 Elizabeth cnr pair Imprint Authority
Dec 4 50c/2d sa041244 King George VI
Feb 19 2/2.5d 3.5d 5.5d sa190245 Duke and Duchess of Gloucester
Dec 17 6.2/12x5d sa171245 Sheep 2x6 side vert strip
Dec 24 3/2s sa241245 Kangaroo & Map of Australia Crown and C of A multiple watermarks
Feb 18 2/2.5d 3.5d 5.5d sa180246 Peace and Victory  2.5d MNH the other 2 mint slightly hinged
Feb 18 40c/3.5d sa180246a
Oct 14 80c/ 2.5d 3.5d 1' sa141046 Centenary of Mitchell's Exploration MNH
Oct 14 3.2/ 4x2.5d 4x3.5d 4x1' sa141046a 4x 4/blks
Sep 8 2/2.5d 3.5d 5.5d sa080947 150th Anniv of Newcastle
Sep 8 30c/3.5d sa080947a
Nov 20 30c/1d sa201147 Princess
Nov 20 50c/2x1d sa201147a cnr pair
Feb 12  4.2/2x1s6d sa120248 Hermes Airmail cnr pair - McCracken Plate
Feb 12 1.6/ 1/6 sa120248a
Feb 16 3/2s sa160248 Aboriginal Art  Slightly off centre up. 
Feb 16 1/1'3 sa160248a bull Mint slightly hinged. w/mark Crown CofA facing sideways right
Jul 12 20c/2.5d sa120748 William James Farrer w/mark type 6
Jul 12 50c/2x2.5d sa120748a pair
Jul 12 60c/2x2.5d sa120748b cnr pair Imprint Authority
Sep 13 20c/2.5d sa130948 Baron Ferdinand von Mueller w/mark type 6
Nov 15 50c/2x2.5d sa151148 Jamboree cnr pair Imprint Authority
Nov 15 50c/2.5d sa151148a
Apr 11 15/5 and 10 shillings 1pound 2pounds sa110449 High Value Coat of Arms FU. The 10shillings purple iss.3/10/49 and 2pounds green  iss.16/1/50 lightly hinged. The 5shillings carmine iss.11/4/49 and 1pound blue iss.28/11/49 complete the set.   
Jun 17 50c/2x2.5d sa170649 Henry Lawson pair Imprint Authority
Jun 17 30c/2.5d sa170649a
Sep 1 40c/1'6 sa010949 Airmail Hermes
Oct 10 2.30/9x3.5d sa101049 75th Anniv of the Universal Postal Union Blk/9
Oct 10 60c/2x3.5d sa101049a cnr pair Imprint Authority
Oct 10 30c/3.5d sa101049b
Nov 28 30c/2.5d sa281149 Lord Forrest of Bunbury
Apr 12 1.1/4x2.5d sa120450 KG VI cnr 4/blk Imprint Authority
Apr 12 50c/2x2.5d sa120450a cnr pair Imprint Authority
Jun 19 1.1/4x1.5d sa190650 Elizabeth cnr/blk Imprint Authority
Jun 19 50c/2x1.5d sa190650a pair Imprint Authority
Jun 19 30c/1.5d sa190650b
Aug 14 1.1/4x8.5d sa140850 Aborigine 4/blk Imprint Authority
Aug 14 30c/8.5d sa140850a
Sep 27 50c/2x2.5d sa270950 Centenary First Australian Postage Stamps se-tenant pair
Feb 28 1.1/4x3d sa280251 KG VI cnr 4/blk Imprint Authority
Feb 28 30c/3d sa280251a
Mar 28 1.1/4x2d sa280351 Elizabeth cnr 4/blk Imprint Authority
Mar 28 40c/4x2d sa280351a cnr pair 8 links in centre line broken Imprint Authority
Mar 28 30c/2d sa280351b
May 1 5/2x3d 5.5d 1'6 sa010551 50th Anniv Foundation of the Commonwealth  3 stamps Mint slightly hinged. The 1'6 red-brown 
May 1 4.7/9x1'6 sa010551a  left side 3x3 block 
May 23 1.1/4x2.5d sa230551 KG VI 4/blk Imprint Authority
May 23 50c/2x2.5d sa230551a pair Imprint Authority
May 23 30c/2.5d sa230551b
May 23 30c/2.5d sa230551c
Jul 2 2/8x3d sa020751 Gold in Australia and VIC Responsible gov blocks some wrinkles
Jul 2 50c/2x3d sa020751a se-tenant pair
Oct 31 1.1/4x7.5d sa311051 KG VI cnr 4/blk Imprint Authority
Oct 31 40c/2x7.5d sa311051a cnr pair, 7 links in centre line broken Imprint Authority
Oct 31 30c/7.5d sa311051b
Nov 14 1.1/4x3d sa141151  cnr 4/blk Imprint Authority
Nov 14 50c/2x3d sa141151a pair Imprint Authority
Nov 14 30c/3d sa141151b
Nov 28 1/4x3.5d sa281151 cnr 4/blk Imprint Authority
Nov 28 50c/2x3.5d sa281151a pair Imprint Authority
Nov 28 30c/3.5d sa281151b
Feb 20 1/4x6.5d sa200252 KG VI 4/blk Imprint Authority
Feb 20 1/4x4.5d sa200252a 4/ cnr blk Imprint Authority
Feb 20 50c/2x4 sa200252b pair Imprint Authority
Apr 9 1.1/4x6.5d sa090452 4/ cnr blk Imprint Authority
Apr 9 40c/2x6.5d sa090452a pair Imprint Authority
Nov 19 30c/3.5d sa191152 Jamboree at Greystanes
Feb 11 2.5/3x3d sa110253 Produce Food  green strip
Feb 11 2/3x3.5d sa110253a Produce Food red strip, butter stamp w/gum damage 
Apr 21 20c/3.5d sa210453 Queen's head
May 25 5/10x7.5d sa250553 Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II  5x2 cnr Blk
May 25 80c/7.5d sa250553a
May 25 1/ 2/- sa250553b
May 25 2/ 3.5d 7.5d 2/- sa250553c
Jun 17 30c/3d sa170653 QE II definitive series
Sep 3 30c/3.5d sa030953 Anniv Young Farmers' Clubs
Sep 23 9/4x2'. sa230953 Sesquicentenary of Settlement in Tasmania Corner block of 4.
Sep 23 4.2/16x3.5d sa230953a se-tenant pairs cnr strip
Sep 23 2.4/2x3.5d 2/. sa230953b
Nov 11 60c/3d sa111153 Tasmanian Stamp Centenary
Apr 7 30c/3.5d sa070454 Telegraph
Jun 23 30c/2.5d sa230654 QE II
Aug 2 50c/3.5d sa020854 WA Stamp Centenary
Sep 13 30c/3.5d sa130954 Centenary of Australian Railway System
Nov 17 30c/3.5d sa171154 Research in Antarctica
Feb 23 2.50/16x3.5d sa230255 50th Anniv Rotary International  Blk/16
Mar 9 3/1'0.5 sa090355 Queen
Jul 6 50c/3.5d sa060755 Pioneers of Coaching area in Australia
Aug 10 30c/3.5d sa100855 YMCA
Aug 10 1/4x3.5d sa100855a YMCA 4/blk  4 perf holes broken in centre vert line. One stamp previously hinged
Sep 21 70c/2x3.5d sa210955 Nursing Profession  pair
Sep 21 30c/3.5d sa210955a  
Oct 17 3/15x3.5d sa171055 South Australian Stamp Centenary  3x5 side block
Oct 17 2.60/12x3.5d sa171055a 4x3 cnr block slight crease at bottom right cnr
Oct 17 30c/3.5d sa171055b
Sep 26 60c/3.5d sa260956 Centenary of Responsible Government in NSW,VIC&TAS 
Sep 26 2.50/12x3.5d sa260956a cnr Blk/12 Back gum damage to one of the stamps
Oct 31 1.80/4d 7.5d 1s 2s sa311056 XVI Olympic Games - Melbourne  set
Oct 31 2.1/8x7.5d sa311056a upper left cnr blk 2x6
Oct 31 30c/7.5d sa311056b
Mar 13 3/1'7 sa130357 Queen
Mar 27 15/2'. 5d 5d 8d 1'. 2'3 5d at270357 various Antarctic
Nov 6 3.50/10x3.5d 10x4d sa061157 The Spiritual Significance of Christmas 2xcnr Blks of 10ea
Feb 10 3.50/2x5.5d sa100258 Australian War Memorial, Canberra  joined pair
Sep 10 2/10x4d sa100958 75th Anniv Broken Hill
Apr 22 2/10x4d sa220459 150th Anniv Post Office in Australia 2x5 cnr Blk
Feb 3 15/  1/6 sa030260 Australian Native Flowers red/maize
Mar 16 2/5 brown/maize
Apr 8 '59 2/- blue
Jul 15 '59 3/- red
Sep 9 '59 2/5 green/maize
Oct 28 '64 2/3 green/white
Sep 30 5/ 6d sa300960 Zoological Series 7x set
Nov 5 8d
Oct 21 1959 9d
May 3 1961 11d
Sep 9 1959 1/-
Mar 21 1962 1/2
Aug 18 30c/5d sa180860 50th Girl Guide Movement
Oct 12 20c/5d sa121060 100th Melbourne Cup
Jul 26 7/5s sa260761 Cattle Industry Mint, lightly hinged
Sep 20 30c/5d sa200961 Nellie Melba
Nov 8 1.1/4x5d sa081161 Christmas 4/blk
Mar 21 1.1/4x2d sa210362 QE II 4/blk
Mar 21 30c/2d sa210362a QE II
Jul 25 30c/5d sa250762 Stuart's Overland Crossing
Sep 5 1.1/4x5d sa050962 Inland Mission 4/blk
Sep 26 3.30/15x5d sa260962 Country Women's Association  3x5 cnr Blk
Sep 26 1.1/4x5d sa260962a 4/blk
Oct 17 1.1/4x5d sa171062 Christmas
Nov 1 2.30/10x5d sa011162 7th British Empire and Commonwealth Games 5x2 cnr Blk
Feb 18 2.5/12x5d sa180263 Royal Visit 3x4 cnr Blk
Feb 18 30c/5d sa180263a
Mar 8 1.1/4x5d sa080363 Anniv of Canberra 4/blk
May 8 30c/5d sa080563 Red Cross
May 28 2.5/12x5d sa280563 150th Anniv of First  Crossing of Blue Mountains  cnr Blk/12
May 28 1/4x5d sa280563a 4/blk
May 28 30c/5d sa280563b
Aug 28 1.1/5d sa280863 Exports 4/blk
Aug 28 30c/5d sa280863a
Jul 1 30c/5d sa010764 50th Anniv First Airmail Service
Jul 1 1.1/4x5d sa010764a 4/blk
Aug 19 10/6d sa190864 Birds - Definitives
Mar 11 9d 1/6 2/5
Apr 21 1965 2/- 2/6 3/-
Oct 21 1/4x5d sa211064 Christmas 4/blk
Apr 14 4/ 5d 8d 2/3 sa140465 50th Anniv ANZAC Landing Gallipoli
7/ 2x5d 2x8d 2x2/3 sa140465a 3xpairs
Apr 21 6/ 2x2/- 2x2'6 2x3/- sa210465 Birds pre-decimal pairs
May 10 30c/5d sa100565 ITU
May 16 1.20/4x5d sa160565 Centenary of the International Telecommunications Union 4/blk
May 24 1/4x5d sa240565 Commemorating the Life of Sir Winston Churchill 4/blk
May 24 25c/5d sa240565a
Jun 23 30c/5d sa230665 General John Monash
Aug 4 1/4x5d sa040865 50th Anniv of the death of Aviator, Lawrence Hargrave 4/blk
Aug 4 25c/5d sa040865
Oct 20 1/4x5d sa201065 Christmas - Nativity Scene 4/blk

Antarctic Territory